The Kendama


What does Kendama mean?

What does Kosara stand for?

How long is the string of a competition Kendama?

The answeres to these and many other questions you will find here.

Also information on a Kendama's features and assembly.






The Kendama's History


The Kendama has a long and eventful history.

Contrary to what one first might think its history didn't begin in Japan.

 Here you can learn more about the Kendama's historical background.







 The JKA


Without the Japanese Kendama Association, JKA, the Kendama were not what it is today.

Here you find all the information about the JKA, its graduation system and the rules for competitions.









Kendama Dictionary


A little dictionary about the Kendama universe. If there's phrase you think should be in here, please tell us, and we'll put it in.